Good-Bye Winter…Hello Spring!!! (We hope)

March 21, 2014 @ 10:29 am

yellow-tulip-field.jpgIt certainly has been a long, cold winter and we are all looking forward to the sights and sounds of Spring. But on the bright side Mother Nature has a way of balancing things out. The extreme cold was beneficially to kill off some of the invasive bugs that plaque our trees and shrubs.  Recently The New York Times posted this article: Celebrating Deep Freeze, Insect Experts See a Chance to Kill Off Invasive Species which notes that the extreme cold can kill off many the woolly adelgid which have been plaguing our hemlock trees. And the deep snow pack insulated our landscape plants from the harsh cold. But now we are ready for the return of  warmer temperatures. HAPPY SPRING !


"What can we say other than we love our backyard. Thank you! During the nice weather, it's our favorite place to relax and spend time as a family. It's all so spectacular; I don't know where to start."

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