Stillman Landscape Offers In House Hydroseeding

February 8, 2012 @ 10:16 am

Hydroseeding is a seeding process which makes use of a mixture of seed, water and mulch product. The product is brought to the location, and sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer. Hydroseeding is a better alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed. It promotes quick germination and inhibits soil erosion. The mulch in the hydroseed blend helps maintain a specific moisture level of the seed for healthier/quicker growth. The product can be mixed with other ingredients to include fertilizer, green dye and other additives depending on your specific needs.

COST EFFECTIVE: Hydroseeding is the most economical choice for establishing the desired turf without the expense, time, material costs or installation demands of sodding or traditional hand seeding methods.

QUALITY: The lawn quality that hydroseeding affords is much healthier, greener and longer lasting than sodding or hand seeding applications because the root establishment is deeper into the soil and avoids the shock of being transplanted into foreign soils.

hydroseeding-3 COVERAGE: Hydroseeding provides a thicker, more uniform lawn that essentially consists of a mat of interlocking fibers creating the ideal growing environment that doesn’t have the threat of seams showing as with sod or sparse, patchy areas with hand seeding.

HEALTH: Hydroseeding creates the ideal microenvironment for germinating seed because the materials enhance the process and stimulate the seeds to grow a healthy, deep-rooted system in the ground where moisture is at its greatest.

SAFETY: Hydroseeding is a completely safe and non-toxic method of growing grass that is harmless to kids, pets, and the environment.

WATER: With hydroseeding’s ability to retain up to 10 times its weight in water, it’s definitely proved to be the best method for fast, healthy germination, high plant survival and protection of seeds with a moisture sealant. No other method of growing grass has this water retention advantage.

Because we use our own equipment and special seed mixture, we can save you time and money on your project by not having to use outside vendors or contractors. And because we install it ourselves with a staff of highly trained professionals, you do not have to worry about going through a third party with any questions, concerns or problems.

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